Become a Member of the McKenzie Institute NZ

The New Zealand branch of the McKenzie Institute was constituted in 1987. Membership of the branch is open to all physiotherapists who have completed the McKenzie Institute Part A course or beyond.


Membership to the McKenzie Institute New Zealand branch offers the following:

  • Access to MDT World Press - the International Newsletter of MDT
  • Discounted Participation on all courses and events
  • Discount of 50% on all course repeats
  • Exclusive access to members only section of MINZ website
  • Access to MDT Videos and Procedures library:  you will find more than 100 videos of all self-treatments and clinician techniques.  As a member you can access depending on your level of training
  • Monthly branch newsletter containing useful MDT information, research, references, links, course and event timetables
  • JMMT online discount available at over 50%
  • Patient leaflet listing all Credentialled Clinicians who are members (given out to course patients, participants and others as appropriate)
  • Discount on MDT books and products
  • A Credentialled member can have their name displayed on the Clinician Locator page on the MINZ website
  • Membership to Regional Study Groups (where established)
  • Job Opportunities Page where jobs can be posted looking for vacancies (MINZ as provider of information only)
  • NZ members-only discussion forum on Branch Page (still being developed)

Becoming a Member

Membership costs $130 per annum.  If you would like to become a member, simply:

STEP 1      

Download and complete the application form
Application Form Download Download

STEP 2      

Then return it by email to


by post to:

The McKenzie Institute New Zealand
PO Box 2026, Raumati Beach
New Zealand 5255