Case Manager Courses

The McKenzie Case Manager courses were created to provide web-based instruction designed for the advanced McKenzie MDT clinician. These courses present complex clinical practice scenarios through a collection of cases that will add to your patient experience base and help you focus on the power of utilizing the information gathered on The McKenzie Institute Assessment forms to lead to patient classification and management strategies.

Each Case Manager course (volume) currently consists of eight (8) individual cases.

  • Case Manager Volume 1 examines four lumbar and four cervical patients.
  • Case Manager Volume 2 examines two lumbar, two cervical, two upper extremity and two lower extremity patients.
  • Case Manager Volume 3 examines three lumbar, three cervical, one upper extremity and one lower extremity patient.

Through the analysis of all case studies, registrants will improve their clinical decision making as related to the application of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy to patients presenting with cervical, lumbar and extremity problems.

All course volumes utilize interactive McKenzie Assessment forms throughout all cases. The cases presented were taken from actual patients seen by senior instructors of The McKenzie Institute.

To thoroughly study and work through each of the eight-case volumes, expect an average of 12 total contact hours. Your registration will remain active for 90 days.

Once you have completed a volume, please email Dinah to receive your online certificate with confirmation of CPD points.

Course Registration Details


Credentialled or Diplomate McKenzie Clinicians


$149 +GST per volume

Please e-mail Emma to find out how to register

How to Register:

  • Begin by viewing the short demo for an example of The McKenzie Case Manager to familiarize yourself with the course format.
  • Following the demo, you must read and accept the Terms of Agreement to access the registration page.

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