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Credential Update and Seminar Day 2021
18 - 19 June 2021

, New Zealand

The New Zealand Branch is excited to bring you a fun-filled, dynamic, interactive programme at our annual educational event on Friday 18th June for the Credential Update Day and Saturday 19th June for the Seminar Day.

The focus of the first day will be 'Beyond Derangement- how to manage 'other' classifications within the MDT system'. Presentations, problem solving, practical workshops, and case studies, will allow plenty of time for open discussion. As always, practising perfect techniques will keep you at top performance. The Credential Update day will be led by our very own experienced faculty members.

The topic for the Seminar Day 19th June is 'Lumbar Radicular Pain - Management and Prognosis'. We will welcome invited guest speakers Jonathon Richards, orthopedic surgeon and Rodney Ford, TBI Health physiotherapist. 


Register for the Credential Update Day (Credentialled clinicians only) and/or the Seminar Update Day (open to all interested physios, osteos and chiros) now so you don't miss out.